Ministry and Personnel Committee Ministry and Personnel Committee
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The Ministry and Personnel Committee is the only mandatory committee of the governing body of a pastoral charge. It may be called the “Ministry and Personnel Committee” or by another name, and has the following responsibilities.

  1. Being available for consultation and support for matters involving the pastoral charge staff
  2. Overseeing the relationship of the pastoral charge staff to each other and to people in the congregation
  3. Regularly reviewing the working conditions, responsibilities, and compensation of all pastoral charge staff
  4. Making any recommendations needed as a result of these reviews to the governing body
  5. Revising position descriptions of pastoral charge staff as needed
  6. Conducting annual performance reviews of the pastoral charge staff
  7. Ensuring pastoral charge staff make use of opportunities for continuing education that they have been given
  8. Maintaining close contact with the presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee.

(The Manual, 2016, B. Local Ministry Unit 7.8.5)

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